The Founding of Nootopia

Every penguin in Nootopia knows the story of Icarus. A legend of old, he flew too close to the sun and was burned for it.

Icarus, first (and last) among the flighted penguins in Nootopia

Flightless now, they think themselves safe. For verily who among them has heard of a penguin burned for being too close to the floor?

Until one day...

Their aviation ambitions thwarted by the cautionary tale of the legendary Icarus, the penguins turn their hopes downward. Like, all the way down. Down to Antarctica, the South Pole, where they set about building their terrestrial empire.

At the bottom of the earth, far from the heavens and the burning sun they set to task building. Blunt pengus and cops working hand in hand to carve smooth igloo walls from sheets of ice. Sleepy eyes and surprised, bathrobes and bomber jackets; every pengu working with their neighbors to build an earthbound paradise in a frigid land of ice.

And when they were done, after countless days and nights of toil, they looked on what they had wrought and called it "Nootopia" In time, Nootopia grew and blossomed. Its citizens built friendly robot pengus to help with the work, welcomed into their ranks lonely alien pengus seeking refuge from the wide ways of the lonely dark universe, and even accepted the fealty of undead zombies; pengus who had passed on but simply refused to leave their frozen paradise.

Fecund and flourishing, the penguins of Nootopia grew in this way 'til their numbers swelled to 8888. A fine number, an auspicious number. They anointed among themselves an Emperor to oversee the expansion of the city, and various Kings and Queens as viceroyalties to manage day to day businesses and moderate the friendly rivalries between such subgroups as the Lucky Legion and McPengu Corporation. All was well, all was peaceful, all was quiet.

Except for one.